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price guide (pet prices only, contact us for breeding prices)

Savannah Cat















F7 Savannah Cat Kitten











£1,000 - £1,500


£700 - £1,200


£600 - £1,000





£6,000 - £8,000


£5,000 - £7,000


£2,000 - £4,000


£1,000 - £1,500


£700 - £1,200


£600 - £1,000

Be aware that our prices can vary depending on the quality and pedigree of the kitten. Kittens purchased for breeding will be of a higher price and only considered on application.

Savannah cats are very difficult to breed and command a reasonably high price.  If you are ever offered a savannah at a price that seems considerably cheaper than that of other Savannah breeders, this usually means it is too good to be true.   There are a number of rogue sites that will offer Savannah cats at these cut down prices but you will often find that you need to pay in advance and will likely never receive your cat!

We raise our kittens in the safest environment with a huge amount of love and care.   We will expect this same care to be given to them at their new home.  We will NOT sell to someone who we do not feel can provide the right environment for a young Savannah cat to thrive in.

For more information on looking after a Savannah Cat/Kitten, please see our information/FAQ page.

As a hobby breeder we will also consider trading with other reputable UK breeders.  Contact us!!

F7 Savannah Cat Kitten

A warning when looking for your Savannah Cat/Kitten