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Looking after a Savannah Cat


Savannah cats are very intelligent and often respond to words immediately. They will often give head nudges/ kisses when asked as they recognise many words from there owners ( each savannah cat is different ) .  They are actually similar to dogs in that they will play fetch and play in water and require a lot of time, love and commitment.


F1 & F2 savannahs especially require a lot of time, love and play and even space to just relax like any cat would.  F3, F4, F5, F6 & F7 still require the same levels of care, but these generations will suit families who don't have any experience of a savannah cat,  those who want more of a lap cat with a touch of serval genetics and an exotic look, or those that just don't have the space for an F1.


An F1 Savannah cat requires a dwa licence in the uk, and a large outside enclosure.


F2, F3, F4, F5, F6 & F7 generations do not require a dwa licence in the uk .

Exercise - Making an exercise enclosure is a must on owning an F1 or F2.  It is also very sensible to have a small easily built enclosure for other generations that can be attached to a small window.  It is not recommend that you let your Savannah cat roam free.  Savannah cats can be harness trained and love to go for walks.


Feeding - A raw diet is always best.  Here at Savannah Catzone we feed our Savannah cats a very mixed nutritional diet of raw meat, frozen mice, rats, quail, dry food,  wet food, water and supplements.


Hygiene - Savannah cats are litter trained and are very clean animals often sitting together grooming each other.


What is a Savannah cat and what are the different types?


A Savannah cat is a cross between a serval cat and a domestic cat and was first done in 1986 by an american breeder.  In 2001, the savannah breed was accepted by tica as a new breed.


An F1 savannah cat is a hybrid of the African serval cat and a domestic cat.  Either a male savannah and female serval produce an F1 savannah, or a male serval and female domestic cat.  This is the most common way but these F1 savannahs are the hardest to breed.  They are the rarest and most expensive savannah cat to buy as they are most likely to contain the most serval traits. They require a lot of time and effort looking after because an F1 has so much energy and often act very much like a serval.  They are usually the largest savannah cat and can be as big as 25 pounds.


An F2 generation savannah cat has one grandparent that is the serval cat and is the result of an F1 savannah queen and a savannah male, normally a F5sbt or F6sbt being used for the mating.  F2b savannah cats will have many serval traits but not as many as an F1.  Some can often look as good as an F1, but they will normally be more domestic.   Despite this, they are still are very serval and require lots of time to burn off energy. They are normally more social with people than an F1s and will be often be more affectionate.


An F3 savannah cat (normally a C code) is a result of an F2b and either an F5 sbt or F6 sbt male. It has a great grandparent as the serval cat and is only one generation from being the perfect show cat at sbt (meaning stud book traditional) . F3c savannah cats will contain many serval traits and could look very exotic and serval.  This is the idea when breeding the perfect savannah cat, they really are becoming more of a lap cat but still have a serval side.


F4sbt is stud book traditional and these cats can be shown at tica cat shows.  They are the result of an F3c queen and savannah F5sbt or F6sbt male. They are bred for the wild and exotic looks of the serval but with the temperament of a domestic cat, but they will still contain a little serval genetics.

What does the F stand for ABC and sbt codes mean?


The F stands for filial and how many times removed from the serval.

A code means one parent is a savannah

B code means both parents are savannahs

C code means all parents and at least one grandparent are savannahs

stb means stud book traditional and means that all parents grandparents great grandparents are savannah cats.